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The CRC is a faith-based, community service, non-profit organization that provides ancillary support for men and women rebuilding their lives after trauma with an emphasis on formerly incarcerated women and female survivors of human trafficking. The CRC was founded in 2004 and in 2010 recognized an intersection between incarcerated women and human trafficking. Responding to the needs of the community CRC shifted its focus launching the Human and Sex Trafficking Support Initiative (HSTSI). HSTSI provides a network of support for human trafficking survivors and provides collaboration with other service providers. CRC developed it’s Solace Program to provide a targeted, trauma informed approach for survivors and to address the demand for the commercial sex trade. The Solace Program has been recognized internationally by 9 countries which sent representatives to CRC for networking and sharing of information. Not only does the CRC actively help both men and women turn their lives around, through their community awareness programs they have directly affected the sentencing of individuals convicted of human trafficking. The organization seems to grow every year as does the number of individuals needing assistance. Since CRC opened its doors they have helped over 400 women by providing assistance with education, housing, medical support, clothing, AODA support and parenting support. Last year CRC launched the only local warm line call center (Solace Support Line) in Wisconsin to provide a listening ear for survivors. Realizing that this problem cannot be successfully addressed by a single organization CRC consistently seeks out other like-minded organizations and services to help survivors.

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